Curriculum vitae

Dimitris Tsinikopoulos

Dimitris Tsinikopoulos is a researcher, scholar, poet, novelist and essayist. He studied law and continued graduate studies here and abroad. He studied philosophy, literature, theology, etc. For several years he attended seminars of biblical theology. He wrote and published dozens of essays, articles and philosophical essays of historical and metaphysical content. He was particularly concerned with issues of law and literature of the ancient Near East.

Up until today he has published 17 books, among which five poetry collections. Important works of his are: Daniel in the Critics’ Den (1982), Siflogo (1988), Criteria of selection and selection of criteria (1991), Poetry in the words of Jesus (1993), Three Nobel laureate Poets (1996), Light from the East (1996), Iconoclasts and leximachoi (2001), Methexi (2002), Triplets and Hai-Kai (2003), The Called and the Chosen (2004) Aphorisms for the Love (2005), Jesus, the Poet of poets (2006), Between two ages (2008), Bible, a Revolutionary book (2010), Unexplored God (2012). He has translated biblical texts, literary texts of the ancient Near East, as well as texts and poems of contemporary writers such G. Mistral, J. Brodsky, O. Paz, C. S. Lewis, W. H. Auden, G. Herbert, P. Tillich,Paul Claudel, etc. Essays and poems of his have been translated in English, German, French and Italian. Moreover, his books Aphorisms for the Love and Jesus, the Poet of poets, have been translated in English.

He has participated in conferences and workshops and has given lectures on literary, scientific and metaphysical issues. At times, he writes for the Greek daily press (newspaper Macedonia, Typos of Thessaloniki).

He is an associate for many periodicals, literature and art, such as New Home, Liability, New Course, Contemporary Thought, Spiritual Life, Avaton Spiritual Cyprus, Chronicles, Umbrella, Modern Steps, Literary Festival, Complimentary, Street Banners, Figos, Iamvos, Lane, 3rd millennium, Intervention, Zenith, Strange, Secret Greece etc. Part of his work has been published by the press and television, but an important part of his work remains unpublished.

Full member of important literary, cultural and scientific associations, such as the Law Associates of Northern Greece, Macedonian Studies Society, the Greek Society for Philosophical studies, Christian Literature Company, the Writers’ Association of Thessaloniki. Honored with prize essay by the Municipality of Thessaloniki (1984), the Greek Society of Christian Literature (1994) and the Publishers Association of Northern Greece (1997), and the Bar Association of Thessaloniki (2003, 2010).

He lives as honorary solicitor in Thessaloniki.