Walking by faith


we saw none,
of thee “signs and wonders”
that you caused,
through the hands of your holy prophets, long ago.
We never saw either a spade
floating in the waters of the river,
or the heavens raining quails.
We have not seen the “waters”
being transformed into “wine”,
neither the waters of Nile into blood.
No dead ever told us,
“see here, I was a corpse
and I have become alive,
because I was resurrected”.


we walk towards the longed for promised land,
with exhausted feet from the journey.
Our garment is worn out
from the slaughtering taunts of the unfaithful;
our gown has been torn up
by the scornful smiles of the sceptics.
Our feet have been swollen by the perpetual walking,
on the rugged pathways of life.


despite all this, we believe you.
As if we can see you, we endure.
We look forward to your broad chested promises,


And we roost like little weak birds
under the shelter of Your wings.
In the starless night—without a column of fire,
we walk “by faith, not by appearance”.

As we travel along in the desert,
in the midst of fiery venomous snakes,
we are awaiting Your consoling hand
to guide us towards the cool valley,
to direct us towards the new promised land,
the land flowing with “milk and honey”,
pulling down from the foundations the walls of Jericho,
that rise challenging in front of us.

We sail with the sails of faith opened.
We walk with a pray
ascending as the smoke of the incense to heaven.
We march with Your word as a compass,
which is a lamp to our foot, and light to our roadways...

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