Aphorisms for the Love



Romantic love is the “halo”

we crown

a desirable person with.

Once its rays fade away

the person ends up common.


Of all illusions

the most beautiful is the one of romantic love.

You think that you are ― and that you will always be ―

in love with one person.

In fact you love

being in love with… love.


There is a way to eliminate

love from human souls.

By ripping out human heart.


Love often wounds.

But the loveless ones are the most deeply

wounded even from the deepest

love wound.


When a love is “borne”

the ones in love rarely think

that whatever gets borne dies.

They believe

in their own eternal love…


Every new romantic liaison,

every new relationship, takes something away

from one of the love partners

and gives him something from the other one.


Not “make love”

share love

say the ones who can

experience the essence

and the grandeur of love.

The vulgarization of love

and the love of vulgarity.


Love is innately

pain ― a mystic wrote.

This explains why many avoid

love and prefer loves…


The lover that drinks

even one tear of a woman,

acts according to the norm:

the part instead of the whole.


The ones in love are

the biggest oath breakers;

they swear that only death

will separate them. And what separates them

is usually life…


The ones in love are usually

two “egoists” who love

one another but rarely love

humanisticly the others.

They don’t have any “heart”

left to love them.


The more love joins

two hearts, the more, sex

without love dis-joins two strangers.


When it comes to sex, the lovers do not remain

satisfied when they exploit

one another and don’t get assimilated

one with another.


Even the most intense love

is doomed

to fade away; just like all the intense

elements of life.


Time equalizes

unfulfilled love

with a replete one.

When it comes to love

lovers rarely love one another

with the same passion, or maintain

the same initial passion.

More often one of them loves and

the other allows to be loved.


Love always leads to love.

Passion leads to “occupancy”.

Occupancy to jealousy.

Jealousy, not rarely, to hatred…


Erotic passion lasts less

than love. Still it inspires

more than love,

to create actions of love.


If a lie kills love,

one day “truth” devastates it

once and for all…


Modern times favor easiness;

but love is never easy.


In order love to be complete…

something must be missing from it.


We fall in love with someone,

obviously because we ignore his flaws

in the first place. If we were aware of them,

it’s doubtful whether

we would fall in love with him.


No lover turns to

drugs or toxic substitutes.

Love is more drastic.


The umbrella of reason bends,

in the storm of love.


Complacency is,

the first and the last mistake

which leads to the end of love.

Love is passion, intensity

and alertness. If these disappear

love disappears too.


Time and passion:

two everlasting rivals…


We usually fall in love

with the one who transcends us.

And the one we admire,

because he transcends us in a way.


Love knows exactly when to come

and when to go. It’s us that don’t know

when to welcome it and when

to tell it “goodbye”.


Love too is a road… a dead end road.


Romantic love: two solitudes

in one co-existence.


Love was given

from the divine for the “completion

of the person” and the

re-finding of our self.


The grandeur of love

consist of this:

Through another person,

you can realize

the depth of yourself,

the hidden one.

Love is innately

absolute. If you “relativate” it

you annul it.


Love is innately

concentrated power. It can’t be

experienced neither “lukewarm”

nor “concentrated” for long.

We wouldn’t stand

so much intensity and passion.

Without even a slight dose of jealousy

love fades away. With a big dose

it risks getting torn apart…


In love the words “I hate you”, mean

“I love you, though you hurt me”…


As long as there is hatred between

lovers, love can smoulder

with the hope of a reunion.

Without hatred, one lapses

to the worst: to indifference…


As bitter as absinthin, is the pain

of love betrayal.


The one in love sees

in the beloved person

what the others don’t.

And doesn’t see what the others

usually see.


At the beginning of a love affair

the lovers over-estimate

one another; at the end,

they under-estimate one another.


Any love’s conclusion

is visible right from the beginning.

It’s just that the lovers

cannot see it from the beginning.


The only certain thing about love is

that no one can play

with it having “certain” cards.


The sexual aspect of love shows

reveals a conflict between lovers,

which has to do with the conflict

of the two sexes. When it comes to passion

there is not only love; but also rivalry.



In a long term love affair,

the lovers carry different kind of burdens;

women carry the burden

of male presence; men

carry the burden of female demands.


Passion ceases to be

passion when it wears off from passion

to… complacency.


Lovers share

the blood that flows

through the secret passages of heart.


Sex innately is


It’s love that

specifies it

into a certain person.


When it comes to love, one changes

his freedom

in order to enjoy it to the fullest.


Love is genuine,

absolute, when someone gives without

wanting to receive back, when he gives without

knowing if he is going to receive back.

He falls into the fire without minding

whether he’s going to get burnt.


In a strong and absolute love,

a little something of holiness exists.

The one absolutely in love becomes saint…


Love… the river of life.

The river is the firstborn of fire

and death…





Love: the only truth

that doesn’t need any interpretations

and doesn’t take any misinterpretations.


Love is the only

quality which includes

the outmost strength, without a trace of violence.


Love is a burden

for those who don’t want to love.

And a “feather” for those who want

and know how to love.


Just like an un-exercised muscle atrophies,

so does love. Without exercise,

the sparkle of love fades.


Love is a strange thing;

you give it to others,

and instead of getting poorer,

you get richer than before!


Love between

the beloved is distant when

“I” gets between them.

“We” meant as “I”

is the perfect bond of union.


Every single act of love

is sealed with a kiss;

and a tear of pain.


The power of love

and the love for power.

Two meanings which

countermand each other.


The finest fruits

of love mature along with

the maturity of time.

Whoever knows how to love,

doesn’t often “change” friends.

And he rarely acquires, or maintain enemies.


Love is not an imposing love;

love is “officiated”

only through freedom

and inside freedom.


We want to be loved;

but as much as

WE want to be loved.


I do not fear the flames

of love. I Fear

the fire set

in the name of love.


There’s no effective medicine

for love except for one: love itself.


Love without sacrifice = words without love.


The greatest incompetent:

the one who is not capable

of loving others!


The art of love

is the greatest of all arts.

That is why we need

the outmost intentness to it

as we serve it.


Love is

a multi bezel diamond.

The more we gleam it

the more it shines.


Love covers a multitude of sins;

just like money covers a multitude

of scandals.


 One of biggest mistakes of your life:

to love the wrong person.


Humans often fall victims

to the ones they love,

and are not loved back to the same extend.


Love is like the flame of a candle.

We bequeath it,

without the flame being lessened.


Only the one who knows how to truly love,

also knows how to truly “hate”…


Any punishment without love

rarely recalls to ones senses…

And the prisons multiply.


Many altruists talk of love,

until someone touches their “pocket”…


It is love that makes the man mature

and makes him a man.

For with love man accomplishes

the self- transcendence.

And through self- transcendence

he accomplishes the completion.


Loving your fellow-man as yourself

is very hard. Still it is also hard,

loving yourself without becoming “selfish”.


Loving someone, means helping him be

or become himself.


Just like germs are destroyed when they

get into honey,

likewise anything ugly and bad which

sinks into genuine love is self-destroyed.


Humans often love what they shouldn’t love

and detest what they should love.

In order to reach the proper point of balance,

they have to reject many hatreds,

as well as forget many loves…


It’s preferable not to love something

than to have the wrong kind of love for it.

Not “I think, therefore I exist”.

Neither “I doubt, therefore I exist”.

But, I love therefore I exist.

And I exist while I love.

Without love there is no life.


Love is almighty… because it is powerless.


Love ― someone said is

“perfect bond of union”.

Could there be a better definition?


There is a problem with love.

How could it be possible for

someone to keep on loving,

in a world that has stopped

loving long ago.


Even the most ignorant,

can learn reading: on the

“alphabet” of love!


Show me how you love,

and I’ll tell you who you are.


If the saying of the Gospel

“There is more happiness in giving

than there is in receiving”

applies in every occasion,

it applies the most in love.

This is where someone

realizes that the more he gives

the more he gets back.


Even the most capable in crosswords,

feels awkward, in front of

the “crossword of love”.


I detest the “two-hearted” man.

That is, the man, who invoking the divine…

loves himself only.


The humbleness of love

and the love for humbleness.


There is nothing more beautiful

than to show your love to someone

calmly. With a smile.

Or, even, silently: with a tear.


It’s preferable

to conflict with the one you love

in order to save your love,

than, indifferently, accept the things

that will one day make your love fade.


Every time you want to judge someone,

be sure to dip your tongue into love.

You’ll have better results…


It seems impossible for someone

to love his enemy.

In order to be able to love him

he must first find the strength to pray for him. By praying, he has already loved him…


There are no graduates

from the school of love.


The love intentioned discipline,

worths more than a thousand loveless smiles.


You can love someone you don’t know.

Though to really love someone,

you have to know him well.



Maternal love is unquestionably

the most superior kind of self-sacrificing love.

That is why in the Bible also

the word “love”

is derived from

a word meaning “uterus”.


Remove love from a human,

and you’ll immediately have one

“breathing animal”!


Even he who doesn’t believe in miracles

can believe in the miracle of love.

And believing, he can feel its power.


In the beginning the Word was,

and the Word was to love,

that God is Love.


To love someone,

does not only mean to accept him

but to put up with him also.

Something often forgotten

by those who say that they love.


Even one iridescent drop of love

reflects all the colors of love.


Love exists beyond every visible boundary.


The limitless love breaks the limits of words.


If you want to enter the life of love

show love throughout your life.


Love is the self-revealing truth,

through which

all the other truths are revealed.


The grandeur of love lies in the fact that

it never demands; it simply serves.


Whoever loves is the richest-poor:

even having nothing, he owns the whole world.


When it comes to love ­

― since we sometimes ignore its “dimensions”―

we often hurt the most

the ones that we love the most.


On the certificate of our virtue,

only one seal can be put: love!


True love fears nothing

except for one: the loss of love.


Love is the only thing

that gives us certainty in life.

It is the only right thing

for it does not care

whether it is right or wrong.


Unselfish love, as a antidote to the

temporary “semen” of passion

can make passion last…


Love’s skein,

no mater how simple it seems,

is difficult to unravel.


The high walls around,

do not fall with a battering ram;

they fall with the siege of love.


Love cannot be separated from loyalty.

Loving someone means trusting him.


Love “first” hears the footsteps

of the beloved one;

it hears them before the mind,

the eyes, the hands do.


The distortion of the meaning of love

never leads to the conquer of love itself.


Love is a great query;

still it doesn’t have an answer

to all the occasions.


“I Love You”:

the most perfect last words to be said.


The final goal of love:

The “vision” of God through the beloved one.


Love is the ultimate quality of life.

God acts through it.


Dimitris Tsinikopoulos

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